Want to know the story behind Rapid Fitness?

Well, take a break from your exercises or maybe move into some stretches while you continue reading.

Rapid Fitness is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Behind the brand is a team of fitness enthusiasts who felt the market was missing the next level up within fitness gear. 
Quality, comfort and style are the core values, which must apply to any Rapid Fitness gear.


We only use the very best material available, which is developed in close cooperation with our partner in Taiwan.
Taiwan is known for its high quality and very advanced technology within textile production. Therefore we know that it has all been made ethically correct and without cutting any corners. All fabrics are thoroughly tested to meet our requirements within breathability, wickability and other performance features, which are required for the specific style.


We spend a lot of time on getting the fit right and are constantly improving where we can. However, we believe that as soon as you find that favorite fit, why change it every season? Therefore we only cover a very limited selection in our ranges but we guarantee you will understand the reason why once you try one of the items on.


Merging fashion, lifestyle and fitness is our aspiration. When we look good, we feel good. 

We are not just another fitness brand. Our team is dedicated with many years of experience within design, manufacturing and apparel which is the key in good fitness gear.

We care about YOU and want to assist making a healthy living fun.